Dawnsplace.com - Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Statement and Policy is posted by Dawn’s Place Limited, operating as dawnsplace.com, (hereinafter referred to as "Dawn’s Place"). This Policy describes how we obtain and retain personally identifiable information concerning you. Dawn’s Place reserves the right to amend this Policy from time to time.

At Dawn’s Place, we take your privacy seriously.

We are fully accountable for what we do with your information. Any concerns, problems or questions should be directed here. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as reasonably possible.

The only time we ask you to provide us with personal information is when we obtain such information to process your credit card or other payments.

Your information is disclosed to our third party provider of credit card services and/or payment services and is subject to their privacy policies. We understand that those providers keep your information confidential and do not distribute it, but we do not control those providers. You agree to check with those providers to review their policies and any personal information you provide to those providers will be pursuant to their privacy policies in effect at the relevant time or times.

You are not obligated to provide us with personal information for any other reason. You may contact us by email for purposes of discussing your account or other customer service issues, or simply because you wish to do so for your own reasons. In such case, you decide what information you wish to provide and you do so freely and with your consent.

The information we collect from you will be always with your consent. However, you should know that web browser software will usually “tell” almost any web server and therefore any web site, not just ours, some information about you, including your IP address, your ISP, what site you visited before you came to our site and what site you go to after you leave our site, your operating system and other technical information which does not make you personally identifiable.

We also use cookies which are basically small text files sent to your computer where they remain on your hard drive until they expire or you remove them. This is a common technology, which allows our server to recognize you the next time you visit our site. The reason we do this is to personalize and enhance your experience with our site, to provide you with the information you have granted your permission to receive and to track “cheaters” or people who abuse their agreement with us to not share their passwords and user names or to not distribute our copyrighted material.

We collect our information from you by lawful means and we collect no more information than we need for the purposes we state (see above). We will fully identify to you the purposes for which we collect information at the time we ask you for it by directing you to this statement.

We will not use your information for any purpose whatsoever beyond what we have told you in this Privacy Statement. We will not disclose your information to any third party except for the granting of credit to you and collecting payment from you. We will retain your information on file only as long as we continue to reasonably require such information in order to deal with credit card companies and related financial matters.

We will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties other than as stated above, or if we are otherwise required to do so by law. We do reserve the right to disclose general and statistical information which is not personally identifiable as part of our business and marketing activities.

We strive to keep your information accurate, complete and fully up to date. Any changes you provide to us will be incorporated into our systems as soon as we reasonably can do so. You may submit any changes by clicking here.

Your information will be stored only on our secure servers or the servers of our financial and payment service providers, which we have been told are secure but which we do not control. We take all reasonable precautions at or exceeding industry standards to maintain security of our systems, but we do advise you that no system is completely invulnerable to hackers and illegal human actions.

We have this policy prominently posted on our Web site. We do reserve the right to make changes to this policy from time to time without notice, but this will not affect our agreement with you to follow the policy in place at the time you provided us with your information.

In order to keep your information safe, we do not allow access to the information we have concerning you unless and until we are certain that we are responding to you and not some other person. Therefore, for security purposes, any response to you will be sent only to the email address you gave to us when you provided us with your information. We will not respond to inquiries from any other email address. We do not send unsolicited email.

If at any time you feel that we are not following this Privacy Policy, click here to send us an email with your concerns. We will respond to you as soon as reasonably possible. We reserve the right to ignore spam, harassment, or repeated and vexatious inquiries.