Age; '29' and holding! Dress Size - 8 - Though it varies because of my big boobs and small waist.
Height; 5'4"
Weight: '125Birthday: Feb 18th
Measurements: 37-25-36Bra Size: 32DDD or 32F Cup

Well, I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. My name is Dawn Allison and I am from Alberta, Canada. I am a naturally busty brunette who loves to get naked and have lots of fun. I have no tattoos, no silicone and no piercings - just an all natural girl!

My interests include: running my website (of course), music, movies, camping, biking, sports, working out, posing and playing nude and sucking cock! Hehe! I like NHL hockey, CFL football, some NFL football and other sports too.

I have been married to my man and I am loving every minute of it! My hubby takes all my photos and videos on my site and he is the man you see on the site. I do love to have fun with other lovely ladies, so watch out for that!!

My online life started over 10 years ago with my first products based site. It was not long before a U.S. photographer wanted to shoot my for busty magazines. I agreed, and things took off from there. I then started my first members site and the response from my fans was overwhelming so, I kept adding more and more content and revising my site to what you see today!

As you can probably tell, I have a blast running my site and shooting new content every week. I hope you enjoy it and have as much fun as I do. I don not plan on quitting anytime soon, so stay tuned as I do some flashing and fucking here at Dawns Place!